You're already serving your clients.

Now it's time to create a system

that supports you and your business.

You're already serving your clients.

Now it's time to create a system that supports you and your business.

You've found your rhythm in serving your clients and have the perfect process flow all figured out in your mind. However, you're overwhelmed and feeling all over the place constantly thinking through the next steps, wasting time switching between tools and manually handling everything. On top of that, you're stressed and confused, trying to figure out how to map out your processes and set up your workflow automation simultaneously.

Hi! I'm Brandee' Harris!

Systems Consultant & Strategist

I help service-based entrepreneurs and business owners create simple systems that allow them to dedicate their energy to serving their clients and providing high quality client experiences.

Not sure where to start?

Here's how I can help

Systems Consulting

You know how you want to serve your clients and you're ready to build a system to support
your business.

You want
clarity and direction on how you can set up a good system from the beginning.

Systems Strategy

You have a system to serve your clients, but you're pivoting your business and you're
overwhelmed with the process and the various systems that you're using.

You want a comprehensive strategy to streamline your tech stack and create a high-quality, smooth process for their clients.

Systems Implementation

You know what needs to be done, but you're wasting time and energy trying to figure it out on your own.

You want a systems expert to come into your business and help you create or optimize your systems.

Let's chat and see if its a good fit


Meet your systems expert

Systems Consultant & Strategist

at TBM Systems Co

Meet Brandee' M. Harris, a system strategist with a passion for helping businesses grow smarter using technology.

She excels at transforming chaotic processes into clear, straightforward plans that help her clients figure out exactly what they need at every step of their client interactions. Brandee' guides them in finding the perfect tech tools and setting up systems and automation that make their businesses run like a dream.

With a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration focused on Information Systems & Technology and over ten years of experience in the Tech industry, Brandee' brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs and being one herself, Brandee' gets the tech struggles that business owners face. She's been there, done that, and helped her entrepreneurial friends and family do the same. The endless search for the right software, the frustration of dealing with complex workflows, and the overwhelming task of improving business systems – it's a story she knows inside out.

Brandee' isn't just another system expert. She's a seasoned pro who loves what she does and is dedicated to helping businesses thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

My system and tech needs aren't massive right now, and I'm in the "messy middle" of figuring out my process. Do I need to things figured out before I can work with you?

Nope not at all! I don't expect you to have all the answers for trying to figure out your system. That's what I'm here for! I'll help you take the process in your head and understand the proper tech solution for it.

Will I need to know a lot about systems and tech before I can work with you?

Nope! I'll educate you and break things down for you in a simple way to help guide you in the right direction.

What is the investment range for services?

Yes. The investment for systems coaching with TBM Systems Co ranges from a few hundred dollars to 4 figures. The investment for systems strategy and implementation services ranges from 4 to 5 figures.

Operational Systems Strategy & Support for Service-based Entrepreneurs

Got a project in mind? Drop me a message, and let's start the conversation!